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Foster School of Business, UW
137 Mackenzie Hall Box 353200
Seattle, WA 98195

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Welcome to ABSA!


Asian Business Student Association (ABSA) is a student organization who establishes a platform for ALL business school students to get connected with potential employers through career workshops and presentations. Nevertheless, ABSA, which is going to be majoritilly operated by Asians business students, will provide Asian students, who are willing to showcase their leadership, entrepreneurship, and managerial expertise, a stage to benefit the Foster School of Business as a whole.

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Our objective is to provide an enriched professional, social, and cultural experience to prepare our members for success in the business world. By creating a support group for students of Asian descent interested in business fields with a strong Asian influence through social activities and events where members and alumni can network and build relationships, we can open educational opportunities of timely interest to members on contemporary aspects of Asia

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The idea of having an Asian Business community at UW Business School is initiated by Tommy Yang, the first president of ABSA. Yang has gathered together 10 officers to start running ABSA. The organization has been granted registered status by UW Student Activities Office as of April 2, 2008. After the approval, we have had routine meetings to structure the organization and brainstorm ideas of future events throughout the spring quarter. We did put together a speaker event successfully

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